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Your next Battery Energy Storage System is here

September 26, 2023

We are excited to share some news from Goblin EV HQ! 

It’s big news. Some might say huge. It’s literally shipping-container-sized and it’s going to mean a whole lot of energy efficiency for British businesses.

We’re proudly launching our brand new range of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

At the moment we have two models available to match your project’s needs: 1000w & 2000w

Like all BESS’, our products use batteries to store and distribute energy in the form of electricity but – unlike all BESS’ – ours are packed with the latest and most reliable technologies – meaning capturing charge and executing discharge is as smooth as it is efficient.

Adding a BESS to your industrial or commercial project is a smart move for a number of reasons: it’ll improve your use of renewable energy, reduce your carbon footprint, act as an effective backup power source, which in turn makes you less dependent on the grid, and offer long-term cost savings.

Housed in robust containers, our range is scalable, stackable and cost effective. Perfect if the scope of your energy requirements may change over time or if space is tight.

Compared to traditionally constructed BESS, we keep the cost of labour, materials and construction to a minimum by building the complete unit offsite and delivering it to you fully fitted and ready to go.

Talk to the team today about supercharging your next venture.