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Product launch: 13 amp 3Kw Portable Car Charger now on sale

April 21, 2023

There’s no doubt about it: EV cars are perfect for adventures.

But what if you’re halfway up the Scottish Highlands, in the middle of a music festival in Manchester, or en route to a running race in Reykjavík and your car runs out of juice? 

Well, it’s Goblin EV to the rescue.

Now you can charge your EV up anywhere. With our 13 amp portable charger, if you can find a plug socket – then you’ve got the power. 

This charger combines practical performance, stylish design and reliable technology, making it perfect for use at home or on-the-go. Compatible with Industrial Type 2 and CE standard plugs, the unique charging display clearly shows the various stages of charging – so you’ll always know how much juice you’ve got.

It’s been tried and tested in temperatures from -30’C to +50’C – so whether you’re on a snowy mountain or a sun-drenched beach, you can be sure to have the charge you need to get you home (or carry on exploring.) And it’s tamper resistant, too, so you can get on with your adventure while your car recharges.

Goblin EV 13 amp 3Kw Portable Car Charger full spec:

  • For use Indoors or Outside
  • Current: 8/10/13A switchable
  • Voltage: 230V±10% AC
  • Power: 3 KW
  • Plug:  13amp plug to Type 2 Plug
  • Cable Length: 5 metres

Now available for just £199

Charge your electric vehicle anywhere.