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Five reasons to buy top quality charging products for your EV

July 19, 2023

If you own an EV you’ve no doubt invested your time, energy (quite literally), and a not insignificant amount of money, into researching, comparing and choosing the very best vehicle for you. And now you’ve got it – in all it’s shiny, innovative and eco-friendly glory – why power it up with a second rate charger?

If your EV came with a charger, it’s always a good idea to have a backup. And if it didn’t, then you should probably be in the market for two!

A quality car deserves quality charging products and here we round up the five top reasons why:

1. Reliability

No matter how brilliant your EV is, without power it is pretty much useless. As an EV owner, you need to know that you can get where you need to, when you need to, every time! Don’t find yourself stranded due to a flimsy cable or faulty connection.

2. Durability 

Saving a few quid in the short term may end up costing you in the long term if you need to replace poor quality or broken products. Instead opt for materials that will withstand the rigours of weather, frequent handling and occasionally being run over by other vehicles – or your own (it happens!)

3. Speed

Cheaper chargers may charge at a slower rate than their better quality equivalents, which will leave you hanging around charging points or stuck at home when you could be on your way. Make sure you don’t get a charger that’s slower than your max single-phase speed as this will limit how fast you can power up.

4. Future proofing 

Charging speeds are getting faster and faster – buying the best quality charging cable will not only charge to your EV’s maximum efficiency, it’ll also help it to keep up with technological developments as and when they emerge.

5. Eco-friendly

And finally; the more reliable, durable, fast and future-proof your charger is, the more battery-powered miles you can travel without using fuel-burning alternative transport. And that helps to keep the UK green – which is just how we like it. 

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